Karolina Paterek


Karolina Wojnowska-Paterek



During the recent years I have balanced my career in both art and design practice with a multidisciplinary approach to both. Founding myself deeply passionate and engaged in art I devoted my time to PhD in Fine Arts. Creating artworks I use multiple artistic means. Next to paintings and sculptures my portfolio includes  projects related to broadly understood space design, I created experimental installations that utilise light and colour to augment our perception of space. The installations were exhibited in Germany, Austria Singapore and Poland.
I am also registered architect. I have worked on design projects for award winning architectural practices including: OP Architekten, Vienna, K2LD Architects, Andy Fisher Workshop, OP3 international in Singapore, and my own design studio.

A New Planet

Solo exhibition in Old Town City Hall Museum in Gdańsk, Poland. Baltic Sea Cultural Center. March, April 2020


The artistic installation “New Planet” is related to growing problem of pollution caused by plastic wastes, which is changing our environment for ever before our eyes. This direct threat has become tangible enough to affect live of people and uncountable amount of leaving creatures has already been killed by the wastes of our generation. Affected by temperature increase, plastics are taking organic shapes, similar to the forms of living organisms. Remains of plastic containers are almost identical to the remains of animals.Except plastic wastes, rotating sculpture also contains fragments of animal’s skeletons which are hard to distinguish from synthetic polymers debris.

March 2020. Old Town City Hall Museum in Gdańsk, Poland

Between Micro and Macroworld

Paintings in the exhibition “The Light Travels” come from the artist’s collection Spaces of the Micro- and Macro-worlds (2017). These works are a discussion of symmetry and of the motions of elements in the world, on both in micro- and macro-scales. The terms micro- and macro-world were created to describe the world from our point of view - from the human perspective. However,mutual relations between the elements of nature are similar and independent of the actual scale on which they are contemplated. Descriptions of the micro- and macro-worlds boil down to the common relationships between their pieces. Proportions between elements of form that occur in nature, regardless of scale, are similar. The fact that humans are able to closely monitor the constituents of macroscopic (microscopic?) natural phenomena, that nevertheless are not directly accessible to the senses, brings forward many emotions. It is the source of inspiration and motivation for the exploration of their forms.

The Light Travel
SPT0418-47, furthest galaxy

Dance theatre, 2017

Light Colour and Space. Karolina Paterek. Artistic Installation.

Museum Döbling Vienna, Austria 2007  

Artistic Installation in Museum Döbling Vienna, Austria 2007 

The project was created to show how much light and color can influence our perception of space. The physical models of the interior show how the place can be changed almost instantaneously. The photographs present the same model during the transformation caused by varying the lighting.